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The Inspiring Marilyn Wilson-Moore

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The Inspiring Marilynn Wilson MooreOne of Shemar Moore’s biggest inspirations is his mother Marilyn Wilson-Moore, who raised him by herself to be the man he has become today. However, during his time playing Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless, he began to see some very troubling health changes that his mother had been going through. At first, Shemar chalked many of these changes up to the breaking down of the body due to age, but they seemed to grow uncommonly severe when compared to what is thought of as typical.

As it turns out, the symptoms that Marilyn Wilson-Moore was experiencing were far from normal aging symptoms, and she was soon diagnosed with MS, or multiple sclerosis. This degenerative disease can affect people of all ages, although most are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, and to this day it has no known cure. After diagnosis, a patient can then make the health and lifestyle changes necessary to feel better one step at a time, but there is no current medical way to eradicate the disease from the body.

What happens within a person’s body who is suffering from MS is the immune system begins to attack the central nervous system as it would a foreign body or virus, causing serious health problems. In Marilyn Wilson-Moore’s case, these symptoms manifested most predominantly in trouble walking or issues with mobility.

Through lifestyle changes and the right medical treatment, Marilyn Wilson-Moore is able to walk again, and she is staying strong while taking her MS one day at a time. According to Shemar Moore, he has always thought of her as a “Superwoman”, which she is proving to him and to her family more and more each day.

Since his mother’s diagnosis, Shemar Moore has taken huge steps in helping to find a cure for MS through the National MS Society and speaking out about the disease. As a matter of fact, each purchase from his Baby Girl clothing line contributes proceeds to the MS Society in the aid to find a cure for his mother and the millions out there like her suffering from MS!

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  1. Tracy on said:

    Shemar Moore and his mother Marilyn are both inspirational and have raised much needed awareness to MS. I applaud both of you and will continue to support Baby Girl and MS Research!!

  2. Thee Sharp on said:

    That she is. I think that everyone who is fighting this great fight is amazing. So are their supporters.

    • Kathleen on said:

      Shemar, I think your mom is amazing!! I loved reading the article and you have had a great tole model through out your life. You are a wonderful son and a great man. I always support this cause with a donation and I have walked for a cure as well. Blessings to you both! Keep up the amazing work in everything you do!
      Love to all♡♡♡

  3. Anelise on said:

    I recently found out a good friend of mine, Virgnia, was diagnose with MS as well… she has taught me that no matter what life hits you with just smile cause it could be worst… everyday she smiles even though she’s confined to a wheelchair… her spirit is strong and alive… Shemar, you and your mom are both inspirations to us all… i fight so one day Virgina can walk again… she’s a ‘Superwoman’ like your mom… she’s endure so much pain but yet she lets her smile shine thru… luv ya, Baby Boy…

  4. LovingMooreAndMore on said:

    Nice article. Saw it many years ago but worth reading again. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Patricia Burke on said:

    my husdbun was just found Out he had ms.its Really hard he was a roofer unable to work any more. we have it4 Kids From 10-3 at home.its Really hard Most days.

  6. Mitzi on said:

    I was just diagnosed with MS and your Mom is an inspiration to me! I have seen some of her interviews and I am amazed by her upbeat outlook :) While this is scary to start out, seeing your Mom lets me know it doesn’t have to be scary. Thank you for all you do for MS, there WILL be a cure one day!! God Bless you and your Mom! Much love!!! xoxo

  7. Kim Smith on said:

    Loyalty and Love make a great team. Faithful Family and Faithful friends can conquer mountains and span the shores of many oceans. The two of you have always been there for each other and never forsaken each other. Thank you for sharing the depths of your love from the most tender part of your soul–your heart. Beautiful, inspiring article.

  8. Gloria Scott on said:

    Thank you Shemar for being a man of integrity which I’m sure makes your mom proud. I am fighting this cause with you by giving monthly donations and purchasing Baby Girl Gear. Together we will find a cure. Love you much.

  9. Marycathern Harris on said:


  10. leah on said:

    I’m a single mom of four with ms. It is very hard. Reading Ur article inspired me.thank u for all that u do for Ms.

  11. Zider on said:

    The Young and the Restless now has a story line with Nicki who was diagnosed with MS.
    Awareness is vital .

  12. Amanda Thomas on said:

    Hey there I need some encouraging words at this time I’m going though a great loss of my ten month old son he was visiting my aunt ( known her for 20 years ) and the 28 of may he went to st.could mn and on the 30 of may he was dead she has told me only lies I have even went up to talk to detective in charge of Adam Jacob’s case and she won’t come in she lied about being diabetic because they found needles in her home pretended to the police and text me saying she was on life support and couldn’t receive phone calls for 24 but miss spelled hospital and receive like I wouldn’t call the to see if it was true I cry every night and I just want to know what happened before I lay him to rest on Monday at 1:30 mn time I don’t even have enough for a head stone I feel like I’m a terrible mother because of this. An email of encouraging words might help my emptiness of my heart I also have my two boy 9 and 3 I feel terrible I’m so lost n scared right now that I have no answer for my older one and my younger one doesn’t understand that his baby brother isn’t coming home ever again

  13. Becky ONeil on said:

    From the sounds of it your mom is a wonderful mom. I watched you both on interview and was amazed at the connection you shared with each other. I am a mom of two, and I pretty much brought them up on my own. They were and still are the center of my universe even though they have moved on to live their own lives. I was that mom who could not work due to a disability so I was totally integrated into their lives. Our connection is amazing , we fought whatever battles together. They are amazing children. When you think you have learned all you can in this life, you look through their eyes and find there is so much more to learn. I have also learned not to ask anyone relationship advise because there really is no perfect connection. No matter what you do, it ends the same. There is no right and wrong and you cant internalize it. No second guessing, you are who you are and thats that. One of the things we share is Criminals Minds. In my daughters words you are so pretty and she thinks Reed Is awesome. My son thinks no man should be called pretty. Poor boy has grown up in a world mostly of women. I have a picture of him in profile and he looks just like Reed with the longer hair. So cool. Just wanted to share. Considering a baby girl tee simply because the term seems so respectful in your use of it. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  14. Becky ONeil on said:

    Your mom is a true inspiration. I, as well, am a single mom who raised two children, a boy and a girl. They have watched me struggle with my health most of their lives and they were always there, supportive and loving. They always knew that no matter how sick I got, I was still an integral part of their lives. They never missed out on anything and neither did I . I volunteered for every school trip, I volunteered to tutor reading and math in their schools. They had their friends for sleepovers and pizza. We made it work. We picked a special events every three months and saved all of our change to pay for it but they made me step out of the box to experience something new. I thought I knew a lot until I looked at things from their eyes and realized that I had so much to learn. They are amazing children. They were my universe and still are even though they have moved on to live their lives.They have always known that my health issues began at birth and even though Im getting older, those health issues still exist. I still travel out to see them. I believe every mom is a superwoman. It is the toughest job anyone could have, but it is also the most rewarding. Im sure your mom would agree to that statement. It is good that you went out there and became all that you could be. I wish her well. :)

  15. WandaSteeves on said:

    It’s wonderful to see an actor/ movie star take up a cause.. I know I suffer from chronic pancreatitis that 1000’s suffer with, before we die of pancreatic cancer.. We need a voice.. I commend you, not only for fighting a battle of behalf of your beloved mom, but for the regular people.. One day they will find a cure. I have a friend who developed it, it was awful, then she got pregnant, the symptoms subsided, returned when she delivered, again when she got pregnant it subsided.. Definitely worth studying ? Thank Shemar, for using ur celebrity for the benefit of the world.. God bless you! Next to the ROCK, your my favorite, and my hubby likes you both too!

  16. April Jackson on said:

    It’s great what you are doing, both of my parents have MS….I hope a cure us found soon:-)

  17. I love this! Nothing like a man who loves his Mama. MS effects so many and can be devastating. Thanks for using your influence for good!

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