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Living Your Best Life With MS

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Living Your Best Life With MS Although it has no cure, living well with MS can be achieved, and this can be done with a combination of medical treatment, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and keeping a positive state of mind. MS, or multiple sclerosis, is a disease that never discriminates, and those of all ages, genders, or races can find themselves facing a diagnosis with little prior warning. Although modern medical science isn’t sure of an exact cause of MS yet, it is widely believed to be brought on by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, causing it to be one of the big areas of study for today’s epidemiologists.

Although the diagnosis of MS can be devastating to those facing the disease, it is important that a positive outlook is kept and that the possibility of a fulfilling life is realized. With the right medical and personal program, a person can have many years of healthy enjoyment even after an MS diagnosis, and there is never a reason to lose hope in the meantime until a cure is found!

Making sure that the body has a healthy level of all its necessary vitamins and minerals is extremely important to living a great life with MS. Even in individuals without the disease, a healthy and well-balanced diet can help the body to feel loads better than one which doesn’t receive the proper nutrition it needs. Recent studies have even shown that Vitamin D is particularly powerful in the fight against MS, as this vitamin helps to promote cell regrowth as it also helps the immune system to differentiate between what should be fought and what should be considered welcome in the body.

An exercise program with a special focus on aerobics can also help MS patients to alleviate some of their symptoms and live a happier and healthier life. From a more positive attitude, to improved strength and bladder function, many of those suffering from various MS symptoms found that their daily struggles began to melt away as they continued on with their exercise programs. Some fitness centers may even have special programs outlined specifically for individuals with MS to teach them the best way to stay physically fit!

2 comments on “Living Your Best Life With MS
  1. Planinger Barbara on said:

    A very interesting article. I think the most important is always to think positively. A friend also has MS and is nevertheless always positive. I have been ill since earliest childhood and it also will stay my life. I simply think this whenever I feel bad people gives these still worse this one, however, goes never to give up and this doesn’t help me either to give up.
    An old woman said proverb following to me: Whoever forgets, it is to not change what any more are happy. And she was right with that.
    I wish everyone the strength to MS always fell ill these needed her to never give up.
    My English isn’t, so good I hope one can understand what I want to say

  2. Kim Smith on said:

    This is so full of powerful instructions and wisdom for someone with MS. I am on the verge of having my 9 year old son tested for pediatric MS. In the MS journal this last time, it was full of observations and symptoms for youth. His father has MS and is in a nursing home now unable to move any of his body but his arm and to move his head. Although we are divorced, I still try to take the kids to see him if they ask and to get updates on his situation. So if my son has Pediatric MS, it may be a great genetic link. I hope to find a good doctor in Ohio for him because I don’t believe all pediatricians have the knowledge to comprehend if a child has it as much as a specialist. Any suggestions or referrals for a good physician would be welcomed. Again, thanks for this informative article and may your mother stay blessed and loved always. kim

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