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The Bounce Back IndieGoGo Campaign

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The Bounce Back IndieGoGo CampaignWith the help of Shemar’s fans, The Bounce Back is making progress on its campaign! IndieGoGo allows directors and producers the funding they need to make their film dreams come true, and the campaign for The Bounce Back is no different! Ending last summer, the campaign was able to raise even more than what was asked for, and donors were even able to receive special prizes for their own personal contributions!

Some of the prizes that were awarded are:

• $15 donation – For a $15 donation, donors were taken on the inside of the production of The Bounce Back! This means that they were able to receive insider info on the film and its processes through E-mail updates and behind the scenes videos, giving fans an entirely different view on the making of the project. On top of the insider info, these fans also received a Shemar Moore hat and autographed headshot or a workout water bottle!

• $20 donation – For a $20 donation, fans were able to receive a limited edition director’s coffee mug like the ones used on the film’s set!

• $25 donation – For a $25 donation, fans got the choice of two different exciting prizes! First, they could choose a .pdf of the script, digital download, and soundtrack prize pack, or the choice of a personally signed Christmas or Valentine’s Day card written out and signed by Shemar Moore himself!

• $30 donation – For $30, donors and fans could receive a custom Bounce Back or Baby Girl umbrella made from recyclable materials.

While these are just some of the prizes that donors received as a “thank you” for their contribution to the project, the donation and prize amounts were numerous! All the way up to a $1,000 donation, fans and donors could get even bigger and better prizes that reflected the gratitude felt at their personal contribution!

For fans unable to donate directly to the campaign, word of mouth was encouraged to help to get the word out about The Bounce Back. By using the hashtag #TheBounceBack, fans were able to tweet their excitement about the project on their social media pages in an effort to spread the word, thereby sharing their excitement on a worldwide platform!

Even though this particular IndieGoGo campaign has concluded, you can still contribute to The Bounce Back by getting others excited and using #TheBounceBack!

3 comments on “The Bounce Back IndieGoGo Campaign
  1. Baby Girl Brandi on said:

    This campaign may have ended, but the friendships made will last a lifetime!! #BGN is real, it’s alive, & it’s the most supportive network of sisters I have ever known or had the privilege of being a part of!! Keeping It Sexy & Silly

  2. Sarah Todd on said:

    I love how our support of this film has brought us together. I really feel like I’m living in a “global village”! So excited to see it

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