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The Best White Wines To Spice Up Your Meal

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The Best White Wines To Spice Up Your MealShemar Moore is a big fan of a great white wine, and whether you’re having a poultry dish, a seafood plate, or a piece of dessert, there is a white wine that can spice up your meal and give your taste buds the adventure they’ve been dreaming of!

If you’re preparing a white meat chicken dish, a white wine can pair beautifully with the flavors on the table. A Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay has the perfect notes to really bring out the flavors of the chicken and give the meal a complete feel. For dark meat chicken dishes, however, a red wine may be more appropriate!

For shellfish and lighter seafood dishes, white wines such as Vouvray or Gruner Veltliner allow you to taste all of the notes of the fish without being too overbearing. If the dish is prepared in a spicy sauce or other zingier blend, a sweeter white wine or champagne may complement the dish even better!

Sweet white wines are also excellent for dessert, and these can range from the very expensive to the highly affordable! A dessert white wine is a product within reach to any budget, and you’ll be surprised by how well received the wine is with the dessert you’re serving. A Moscato is one type of affordable white dessert wine that pairs well with a various after-dinner dishes. Also, because Moscato is semi-sparkling, it can give a really refreshing textural element to the meal!

White wines can also be paired with various chocolates, and this gives you a way to have a white wine tasting party with all of your most treasured confections! For a dark chocolate, a white zinfandel may be best, while a white chocolate will call for something like a sweet demi-sec.

6 comments on “The Best White Wines To Spice Up Your Meal
  1. My favourite pairing is Muscadet sur lie with simply cooked prawns or lobster. Somehow the freshness of the wine multiplies the flavour of the prawns. Absolutely stunning.

  2. kristin baker on said:

    I really like a nice Pinot Grigio – especially for cooking; its light, crisp and doesnt have the musky element that I taste in Chardonnay.

  3. Gwynn Alcorn on said:

    I’m no wine snob. I learned to drink white wine because it doesn’t give me headaches like red wine. I drink el cheapo Franzia, 5 liter boxes, because the Crisp White is pleasant tasting, and in the box, I can just pour one, or more, glasses from the tap at a time. Gwynn Alcorn, Niceville, Florida

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