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Summer Means Time For Ben & Jerry’s

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Summer Means Time For Ben & Jerry’sShemar Moore loves his Ben & Jerry’s, and who can blame him with the myriad of awesome flavors, healthy options, and all natural ingredients? Because summertime is just around the corner, it’s just about the perfect time to enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s for yourself, and some new flavors are being introduced for this year to go along with the classics you all know and love!

Just some of these new flavors and flavor variations are:

1. Ben & Jerry’s Core – The New Ben & Jerry’s Core line is an entirely new spin on ice cream favorites! Classic flavors like salted caramel and peanut butter are combined with a topping core that gives a super blast of flavor in each and every bite! The new Core flavors featured are Salted Caramel with a soft and sweet caramel core, Hazed & Confused which features a hazelnut fudge core to give a sweet and savory element to each spoonful, That’s My Jam which has a raspberry jam core, and Peanut Butter Fudge with a chocolate fudge core.

2. Greek Frozen Yogurts – For those looking to indulge, but want to stay a more on the healthy side, Ben & Jerry’s also has a great line of Green Frozen Yogurts in 3 delicious flavors. The Liz Lemon, Blueberry Graham, and Vanilla Honey Caramel are made from all natural ingredients as well as rich and creamy frozen yogurts to help you to indulge in a smarter way! 

3. New Classics – If you’re looking for just a classic delicious pint of ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s didn’t neglect their most prized products! Two particularly special new flavors are being debuted this summer to the delight of ice cream fans everywhere with Salted Caramel Blondie and Cotton Candy! The Cotton Candy ice cream is loaded with little cotton candy pieces so you can feel like you’re in the midst of a carnival all summer long, as the Salted Caramel Blondie has a salty caramel swirl as well as pieces of blonde brownie!

Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are masterful in terms of flavor, and millions of fans can attest to their unrivaled quality! Are you excited about any of the new flavors, or are you a bigger fan of the classics?

4 comments on “Summer Means Time For Ben & Jerry’s
  1. Sarah Todd on said:

    Just when I’m trying to get fit and in shape for my wedding next year! I will have to try these news flavours though, just for quality control purposes ha ha. Salted caramel will be my downfall eeek!

  2. Tammi Bryan Hart on said:

    I just love that you are so down to earth and let us all know what you are doing!!! Stay the way you are, keeping it real! :)

  3. Tahesha Gilliard on said:

    Absolutely love icecream. I”m curiuos to try the cotton candy flavor. Yummy! You know how to get a lady attention. Now i want some. Im glad you explain that is natural and healthy because i heard negative talk about icecream. :-D

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