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New Shemar Moore Movie In Production

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MOSCOW - OCT 24: Room in the purple light with equipment for a fAs Shemar Moore Fans may remember, the actor held an IndieGoGo campaign in the summer of 2013 to support a new film project. The Bounce Back is a warm romantic comedy, and a project that Shemar Moore has been supporting since the beginning, and the film is now in production to be released early next year. The goal is to have the film in theaters by Valentine’s Day weekend, no doubt to give couples and Shemar Moore fans everywhere a great way to spend their date night, and fans are a-buzz with what this new film will have in store.

While working on Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore also made sure to make time for this new film, and he is incredibly eager for his fans to see the fruit of his labor and their fundraising. With an original fundraising goal of $500,000, The Bounce Back’s IndieGoGo campaign managed to surpass expectations and raise a total of over $638,000 in order to have the film produced in a way that really encompasses Shemar’s vision.

The film is made to be the perfect date night companion, and it takes a bit of a different look at finding love again after loss. In the film, Shemar’s character Matthew Taylor is a bestselling author who pens a book regarding survival after losing love. While his method and his book manage to shield him from pain, he may rely just a little too much on never finding love again when his thoughts are challenged by a woman, Kristin Moreland, who he meets during his year-long promotional tour. Matthew Taylor realizes then that maybe the beliefs he laid out in his book aren’t all that true, and he’ll have to renounce them in order to allow himself to feel love again.

The Bounce Back is filled with funny moments, heartfelt moments, and moments that will make you reconsider how you may feel about allowing yourself to fall in love. While we all experience loss, it’s important to remember to not allow that loss to affect your future potential, and this is something that you can watch Shemar’s character Matthew Taylor experience on screen!

With Shemar Moore’s new movie in production, we know that all Shemar Moore fans will be excited to see him in this new lighthearted, yet thought-provoking, role.


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