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Shemar Moore And Multiple Sclerosis Research

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Shemar Moore And Multiple Sclerosis ResearchShemar Moore is a huge supporter of MS Research, and since Multiple Sclerosis is currently without a cure, every dollar he raises to fund the search is a huge help. While it’s well known that Shemar supports MS research with his Baby Girl clothing line, many may not realize what else he does to help to fight for a cause as well, and this is one thing that Shemar Moore puts his entire heart into through a variety of projects.

Recently, Shemar Moore participated in the Bike for a Cure in California benefitting the National MS Society once again as a top fundraiser. Shemar Moore has been participating in these bike rides for many years, and has been able to raise thousands of dollars for the nationals MS society each year in support of his ride. Not only does this bike ride help to raise funds to finally find a cure for MS, it also aids in MS education and awareness, giving others an opportunity to learn more about the disease and just what can be done by anyone to help to put a stop to it.

Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl line is a huge fundraiser for MS research through the National MS Society, and this is one way he allows his fans to support the cause while giving back. The apparel has designs made to suit any body type or personal style, and female fans of Shemar can represent their love for the actor while simultaneously supporting an excellent cause.

Multiple Sclerosis is currently without a cure, and the work that Shemar Moore puts into his fundraising for MS help to change this reality. Currently, those suffering from MS have to live with the disease and learn ways to minimize their symptoms during everyday life, but this is something that Shemar Moore is striving to change. With each new dollar raised, new research can be funded that helps to find out just how MS works, who is likely to get it, and how it can be stopped, a goal that Shemar Moore hopes to see in his life!

With your support, Shemar Moore can continue to raise funds to stop MS, and you can help. With purchases from Baby Girl, or support during his MS rides and fundraisers, you can have a hand in supporting Shemar and finding a cure!

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  1. Tahesha Gilliard on said:

    Thank you Shemar for educating your babygirls on MS and finding ways for us to suport the fight against MS.

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