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The Shemar Moore Playlist Perfect For Date Night

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The Shemar Moore Playlist Perfect For Date NightIf you’ve got a hot date night planned, Shemar Moore has some playlist picks that can really set the mood! It’s well known that music has the ability to bring out emotion and really set any desired atmosphere, so making sure to incorporate a few tracks into your date night is a great way to set the proper romantic ambiance. If you want to enjoy a perfect romantic evening, these are Shemar’s picks for getting the mood right:

  1. John Legend – For smooth and timeless songs, adding a bit of John Legend to your date night playlist is a must. Active for nearly 15 years, Legend has a myriad of tracks to choose from and has even contributed his exceptional songwriting skills to other artists such as well.
  2. Nina Simone – In the same vein as John Legend, if you’re looking for something smooth to set the mood, there is no better classic than Nina Simone. Active in the music industry for nearly 50 years, Simone’s music encompasses multiple generations of R&B as well as Jazz to create a musical repertoire perfect for setting the atmosphere to begin a relaxing and romantic evening.
  3. Prince – For 30 years, it’s been impossible to get any sexier than Prince when it comes to music, and the sounds that he brings to the table with his library of music range from classic jazz, to funk, to pop, and all the way to rock n’ roll. For a date night where you’re really trying to up the sex appeal factor, adding a little Prince to your playlist is a must!
  4. Marvin Gaye – The music of Marvin Gaye has become synonymous with romance, and there is absolutely no way you can go wrong by bringing a little Marvin Gaye to your date night playlist. Gaye was so influential in his particular genre, that many R&B artists credit him as being one of their personal major influences.
  5. Drake – When it comes to modern artists, Drake is taking the scene by storm when it comes to music perfect for date night appeal. Drake is known for taking classic hip hop sounds and melding them with the sounds of jazz and R&B, perfect if you’re looking for a bit of a contemporary playlist addition!

For your next date night, why not let Shemar’s picks inspire you to get cozy with your sweetheart? With this mix of tunes, there is no way you won’t get the atmosphere just right!

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