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News Lets You Catch Up On All You’ve Missed On Criminal Minds

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facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinteresttumblrmail Lets You Catch Up On All You’ve Missed On Criminal MindsFor fans of Shemar Moore and his character Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, missing an episode can be pretty tough, but has the perfect solution! With streaming, you can watch all that you’ve missed from the current 10th season right on their website, and they also offer some pretty spectacular features to allow you to get a better look into each episode. Even if you’ve made sure to watch the episode, there are some things that can be missed with a show so complex, and CBS makes sure you can catch every little detail no matter what part of the season you may be caught up to!

One of these great features is the sync facts, and this points out little details that you may have glossed over from the most recent episode. Not only do these sync facts cover things that may have gone on right before your eyes that you didn’t catch, but facts and explanations as well as they relate to the characters, their actors, and what goes on behind the scenes. For any Criminal Minds fan who wants to go a bit deeper within the show, this is a cannot miss feature. also has quite a few photo galleries based on particular episodes of Criminal Minds that can help you to relive and learn more about important moments from each episode of season 10. If you’re looking to catch up from week to week, and give yourself a little refresher before sitting down to start the next episode, a short peek-through of one of these galleries is sure to be a big help. If you just can’t get enough of Shemar, there is even a gallery dedicated to the 15 moments when Derek Morgan was just too sexy to handle!

If you want to keep up with your Criminal Minds, or you’re simply looking to keep it fresh before watching each episode so you don’t miss anything, really has you covered. You can watch new episodes for the first time, catch up on previous episodes, check out the galleries, and take in some great Criminal Minds facts all from the comfort of your own couch!

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  1. I have been watching “Criminal Minds” faithfully every week (including re-runs!). Its something I really look forward to…..there are a lot of crime dramas on television, but Criminal Minds isn’t just that – there is that human side with each of the characters and I love it when they spend time together – either joking around, being there for each other; you’re characters are a family. Sometimes its sad, touching, funny, mischievous; but it is what makes me keep watching every week!! Loved it when Rossi surprised JJ & Will with a wedding and everyone danced, laughed and celebrated together like a family! Please keep these episodes coming…..Shemar has always been my favorite, but have grown to love all of the characters, especially Reid and Penelope :) The addition of Jennifer Love is great too…..but I do miss Emily’s character :(

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