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The Versatile Career Of Don Cheadle

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The Versatile Career Of Don CheadleDon Cheadle is an Oscar nominated and multiple award winning actor admired by Shamar Moore for his many versatile acting roles throughout his long and storied career. From moving and impactful performances in films such as Hotel Rwanda and Crash, to his “edge of your seat” roles in big action blockbusters like Iron Man, Don Cheadle has proven that acting can be as much about moving audiences with subtle nuance as it can be about big dramatic performances. His talents have acted as inspiration for Shemar and all different types of actors, and his story of getting there is just as moving as the films his stars in today.

Don Cheadle moved around quite a bit as a child, and he and his siblings were often found going from city to city with his parents, Bettye, a teacher, and Donald, a clinical psychologist. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in November of 1964, Don Cheadle and his family bounced from place to place quite often as Don was growing up, and he graduated from high school in Denver, Colorado, only to move on to college in California. Don Cheadle pursued a fine arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts and earned a Bachelor’s Degree while simultaneously pursuing Hollywood roles at the encouragement of his friends.

During this time, Don Cheadle landed his first big role on the television hit show Fame, and it was this role that eventually led him into being noticed for his first feature film. The first film Don Cheadle starred in was a John Irvin production called Hamburger Hill in 1987,and he quickly moved on to his next in 1988 with a role in Dennis Hopper’s Colors.

Several years later in 1995, Don Cheadle was beginning to gain critical acclaim stemming from his role opposite of Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue Dress. His performance garnered him some positive attention and he was named a Best Supporting Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics.

Since his start, Don Cheadle has continued acting in various films, and has also taken on a producing role as well. Some of his biggest titles, such as Crash, were also his productions, earning him quite a bit of acclaim in Hollywood.

Don Cheadle has proven that he can master any role he is placed in, and he can please both critics and audiences alike with his show-stopping performances. As a huge inspiration to Shemar Moore, Don Cheadle is one actor whose films should always be watched again and again!


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