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From Song To Screen With Harry Belafonte

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From Song To Screen With Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte may be best known for his music today, but he has been coined as an all-around entertainer who made a star of himself in acting, production, and music. For Shemar Moore, the amount of impact that Harry Belafonte has been able to have in entertainment in his long and storied career is nothing short of admirable, and this is an entertainer who has been able to mow over any obstacles that have come in his way in order to reach his audiences with meaning. His music can still be found on film and television soundtracks today, as he continues to make an impact on entertainment.

Before becoming an entertainer, Harry Belafonte really excelled in athletics, and he was part of the track team at his George Washington High School in New York City. During the year 1944, however, Harry left his high school and his passion for track and field in order to join the Navy during the post-World War II era and served for several years. After he returned from the navy, however, Harry began to focus equally on music and theater work as he and his wife also fought for civil rights during the course of the 1950’s and 60’s.

During his theater and musical career, Harry Belafonte became legendary and racked up various awards for his critically acclaimed theater endeavors, even winning a Tony award in 1953. Through his success, and his direct work with the civil rights movement, Harry Belafonte was able to break down doors and eliminate barriers for other African American actors and musicians looking to gain recognition for their work.

Harry Belafonte’s many songs are still found on movie and television soundtracks to this day, and he is still participating in the entertainment business actively, most recently with his performances on the television program Dancing with the Stars. Actors such as Shemar Moore continue to appreciate all of the efforts of Harry Belafonte when it comes to his achievements in equality for African American actors, as well as his longevity in the entertainment industry.


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