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The Life And Career Of Morgan Freeman

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The Life And Career Of Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman may be best known for his calming voice, but he is an actor that has proven to be masterful on stage, on the small screen, and on the big screen alike. Morgan Freeman’s acting career is one that spans nearly 5 decades, and he is one actor that Shemar Moore can’t help but admire. Morgan Freeman has been known to play just about every type of role there is, and he has experience working in serious films, comedic productions, and television shows for children as well. Those who grew up during the 1970’s may remember him most through his time on the program The Electric Company.

While Morgan Freeman’s acting career is certainly one to be celebrated, many don’t realize that he is much more than just an actor alone. Born in 1937 in Memphis Tennessee, Morgan Freeman’s parents were a school teacher and a barber, and his upbringing was family oriented and humble. After graduating from Los Angeles City College, Morgan Freeman decided to join the US Air Force, and served as an Air Force mechanic for 4 years from 1955 until 1959.

After his time in the Air Force, Morgan Freeman decided to try his hand at acting, and his first foray into the acting world was through an all African-American stage production of “Hello, Dolly!”. Catching the acting bug, Morgan Freeman continued his acting work on the stage for much of the 1970’s, and he even earned himself a Tony Award in 1978 from his performance in The Mighty Gents. To this day, Morgan Freeman still acts on stage while simultaneously appearing on television and in film, and he considers theater acting one of his main passions.

During the 1970’s, Morgan Freeman wasn’t only focusing on stage acting, and it was during this time he began appearing in television productions and feature films as well. During the early 1970’s, Morgan Freeman was appearing in various children’s works, with his role on The Electric Company and his first appearance in film with Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow. Since then, Morgan Freeman has branched out into films of every genre and category, and he remains one of the most recognizable and celebrated African-American actors of today.

For Shemar Moore, there is a lot to be admired about Morgan Freeman, and all one has to do is look at the many works he has participated in. Shemar is inspired by Freeman’s ability to stay grounded throughout this whole storied career, as well as his mastery of the big screen, small screen, and stage.


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