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The Humble Beginnings Of Will Smith

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The Humble Beginnings Of Will SmithWill Smith is well known for being versatile, and his very un-Hollywood start has been immortalized in the theme song of one of the most well-known television roles. As he was truly “West Philadelphia born and raised”, like the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air states, he has managed to move from the rough part of an east coast city town and prove his versatility and his talent through his many film and television roles. Will Smith is admired by actors like Shemar Moore for his ability to play a comedic role, an action role, a romantic role, and a dramatic role one after another, and all with impeccable talent, and it is this talent that has garnered him his two Oscar award nominations as well as a reputation for being one of the most versatile leading men in Hollywood.

While Will Smith may have had his breakout role on the funny family sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a role he is still well known for to this day, he has since branched out into just about every type of acting role imaginable. Nominated for two Academy Awards, Will Smith has proven that he can portray historical figures and action heroes, leading men in romances and leading men in comedies, and just about everything in between, and he is often seen in some of the biggest blockbusters each summer.

Will Smith’s father ran a refrigerator company while his mother worked on the school board, as he was raised in a middle class section of West Philadelphia called Wynnefield. Originally pursuing music, Will Smith first met his musical partner DJ “Jazzy” Jeff, and began performing as a duo around the Philadelphia area during the 1980’s when they began to gain national attention.

Being shocked with his newfound success, Will Smith blew through his DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince money rather quickly, nearly hitting bankruptcy in his early 20’s. It was during this time that he was pitched a sitcom loosely based on his real life, as he played a West Philadelphia kid living in a new Beverly Hills lifestyle, which then became the role that began his acting success.

Will Smith is admired by other actors such as Shemar Moore for his resiliency and ability to pick up and start again, as well as his talent in both music and acting. Since those Fresh Prince years, Will Smith has gone on to portray historical figures like Mohammad Ali, as well as action heroes like Agent J in Men in Black, and his talents in Hollywood show no signs of stopping!


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